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Image via Flickr There has been fabmall (where I bought my first motorola c300 from rather) and there is amazon (that is not enter(tain)ing India as a market). There have been so many bookstalls all over the offline world. Honestly however, I’ve never been inclined to read too much. You might recall CPA as a […]

Cover art for “It Dwells Within” You thought the bug of lazyness got me for good, huh? Well here’s your answer. A review of an interesting kind: of a metal E.P. (Extended Play, shorter than an album, longer than a track), of a metal band, of free and legal music and of generous artists. A […]

First off no matter how much I try I am not really that good at writing all-round reviews, so basically though I try to be neutral, I often miss a perspective and the article looks opinionated. Having written aloud that disclaimer let me start on with a blog post that I forgot to write last […]

Twitter is a source that can update from a variety of interfaces as well as distribute to a variety of interfaces.
For me it’s the place you tell the world what you think they’d feel worth knowing and when.