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I have come to a stage in blogging with such a long break since my last post that it feels like the decade, since I started, had never happened. So this may read/sound quite meta. One thing that really hinders me with getting back into the writing habit is the really-tough-to-type-on old laptop keyboard. Really […]

I-rix 2011, the inter-collegiate tech fest, hosted by SPCC (Chowgule’s College) for first time was, as far as I see it, a fantastic first attempt in, what I know of as, a relatively short time. Thanks to @geekblues (blog) I got a spontaneous offer to judge the blog competition. I accepted it after much nakhrebaazi […]

Image by terobin via Flickr A blogger doesn’t stay put for long when it comes to writing about stuff on the internet, that he believes his imaginary friends (with verifiable IP addresses) read with great anticipation and followed by appreciation (Yes. no harm in dreaming). Twitter has been the damn quickest way to shoot off […]

This is a blog post basically to start a discussion with the readers of this blog to get ideas and suggestions for better blogging. This post will simply mention and link to the tools I use frequently/occassionally to create a blog post, according to the stages of a proper post creation.

Well, to those coming here first time, all my existing work so far can be found on my livejournal blog. I mean that’s like almost 2 or maybe 3 years of content that are gonna remain with the ads of the bullying nature that just pushover my stuff. For people coming over from my LJ […]