Are you listening? Are you reading? Are you … lost? Ah, that sounds a lot like me, trying to find my way around this dark distraction free writing tool. In a sea of darkness within and without my mind, the distraction and the focus have blended as one. It’s the tangle that’s just mixed up into one single full screen of ondhokar, no maze lines to trace my way in or out of it. Some of it I intend to remain this obscured and some of it I need to make sense out of. You may know of writer’s block that an empty piece of paper can trigger. I’m not a writer (I’d be out of a job anyway with this horribly slow rate of writing) but even expressions don’t just occur in nice English sentences. They would be like road wrecks of midway collisions of countless number of thoughts or just tho__’s (that is incomplete thoughts for those without imagination).

So what can I talk about today if I’m blinded and gagged by this morose darkness? What do I feel you need to know and what do I feel I need to tell? Are they the same or are they different? Will I tell anything at all or will I just keep asking? Will I have only thoughts to be confined in the prison that’s my mind or will I tell about all the new things I learnt of and write it down like a journal that’d be just of as much as interest as merely knowing that I did take the trouble to write something on this day?

Is it important to write what I consider a standard size blog post, filling it up with what I maybe currently working on or learning about on the Internet or the real world or is it just enough to just write random stuff that is the chaos in my head and try justifying it as a post (coz I fucking said so). Here goes nothing, (yea finally! right?)
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I do wish a lot of times, my laptop had the resources AND more importantly the requisite drivers needed to run a 3d desktop like Cinnamon or (ugh) Unity. They have been around for like quite a few years, but my laptop has been around even longer. When I think about it, I really can’t put a finger on why exactly am I so attached to this first laptop of mine. Well, let’s see:

  1. Got it for free from my parents. Still works, so why not.
  2. Has always managed to bounce back up.
    1. Screen stopped coming back on.
    2. Won’t start because it got too hot.
    3. Wrong driver disabled WiFi and sent machine into kernel panic
    4. Tons more kernel panics.
  3. Can see the latest movies (VLC) and browse with the latest (and safest) browser (Firefox 39)
  4. Helps me with my WfH option without having to lug the equally heavy Dell laptop from office.
  5. Has allowed me to avoid any kind of official tech support for it, for like forever.
  6. Tests my patience…oh no no, not that one. I mean it teaches me patience. Hints me to explore real world.

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Sad excuse of a post, but this is what I am getting started with. No no restarting. I’m not familiar with that. Don’t remember any such concept. 😉

There are producers and there are consumers of content but now there are curators of content and curators of curators of content. Making consuming a lot of content and my time very very easy and making writing boring stuff very very difficut to really gather traction.

That’s the stuff I can only come up with and that never helped me in the past. There is a feeling of uncertainty when trying to blog in today’s time without trying to consume the whole of internet…or reddit frontpage. This is also the first time I am writing using the wordpress website itself. Not focussing in a distraction free editor right now. All that JDarkRoom would remind with its environment is something I’ll leave for others to deal with. Yea me selfish! Muhuhahaha (Kinda more funny than Muhahaha)

Talking about life is again so blah! Need to take some time and think what about it I may or may not talk about. For now it’s a good thing I did feel like writing again. Not that I’d care if this got lost or something. I’ll probably write better next time.

Before shutting up, I guess I can quickly point out that of the 7 add-ons active in my browser (Firefox, of course), 5 are security/privacy focused and the rest two are for content capture. Some of them I’d like to talk about soon. Though I know a hundred things (maybe a little…more than a little…less) that are trying to blast through my mind. But I need to save some for next time, but damn remembering stuff is so hard! At least this is a topic where the content is always staring me in the face and I’m constantly thanking that.

So how have you been? More importantly have you ever lost track of blogging and then got back to it once or more than once? What did you write about? What worked for you? Begging for inspirations despirately I suppose. :p

p.s. Don’t ask about the title. No that didn’t occur to me on the throne. Just the voice in my head that I just imagine is in the act of pushing me off my state of inertia with regards to writing content on my blog. Hoping this again is not the only post of the year. Annual blog existence reminder post.

I have come to a stage in blogging with such a long break since my last post that it feels like the decade, since I started, had never happened. So this may read/sound quite meta. One thing that really hinders me with getting back into the writing habit is the really-tough-to-type-on old laptop keyboard. Really tough because most keys are almost jammed (esp. backspace). Really tough because my typing has been mostly converted to swiping and hoping autocorrect figures out the swish swoosh pattern I did (which it often fails). I do have WordPress on the mobile but I haven’t gotten comfortable in writing anything of substantial length on a tap-tap screen. That and the fact that the screen keeps turning off before an idea bulb could turn on in my head. It is quite distracting. As i might have said before, most of my ideas and expressions almost always get summarized and fit in a tweet. Elaborating beyond that feels like delaying the conveying of the same. Continue reading ‘Meta Post: Attempted Re-ignition of a bye-gone habit.’

The pro of a Linux supporter is that they are proactive on forums. Their intention to ‘suggest’ is misread as intention to help. The con of the Linux supporter is that they don’t clarify that they don’t intend to solve the problem. Not even a GOTO Linux statement is remotely useful without actually helping the user plan out the migration systematically with least downtime in day to day work. Linux users should know better how critical downtime is. Those who use at work at least. Fact is that it does take equally tremendous effort whether you keep fighting the battle on Windows ground or shift base to Linux. Neither category of ‘help’ need be discouraged. And as much as it sucks to be pushed away (figuratively) to RTFM when you are learning Linux, it’s not fair to expect a Windows user to take the same treatment. They didn’t sign up for that. Not that they can’t read..

Almost 3 decades on the face of that planet and I still never ever want to give hikes and treks a try again, despite being a sport and trying way too often than I’d ever wish to. Too many siblings become too compelling and dominating. To be honest, I can never ever get the hang of navigating ebrokhebro (ask a Bengali to demonstrate) up down slippery sliding trails. Rather than just go on complaining, which I know affects only me, I just wish somehow people had this universal fact registered that I don’t like to experience such nature first hand. Leave me alone. Let me sleep in late and catch up on my feeds. I’ll browse EarthPorn if I need to. I don’t like being forced to join in the generally accepted happiness norms. And worst of all, brand new shoes got ripped off their soles and the walk was super grievous.
Only reason I agreed to and only reason that would help keep the experience even a wee bit on the positive side of memory is that I was with my closest siblings. Still a bit of fun thru all that pain.

2013 in review


Happy new Year! Well, it’s true a whole year passed and I don’t remember writing anything here. I don’t remember where I left you fending for yourself last, blog. In general, my creativity, as far as writing of any sort (typing to be honest) is concerned, was “ittooo sa!” Nothing to show for. On the other hand, I became a more avid consumer. Became obese with information you might say. And junk food. Yeah! 2013 was the year of the free pizzas and free chicken burgers. Lost count how many times I’ve put MCD07, MOB06 and FRIFRK to good use. Ditched paytm because Dominos coupons were not coming free and nothing beats a BOGO offer. Continue reading ‘2013 in review’