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I’m feeling fucking horrible because I behaved (as my ever condescending conscience would eternally remind me) real bad out of losing my temper at someone I do care about. I do want to justify and defend myself but I know that I am never able to compete with myself listing out all my own faults […]


Why do I need to give you an answer? Why do you have to care so much about why I don’t care about socializing with you? Why so much concern for someone not opting for your company or your choice. Why would I take interest in a group where people want to be friendly but […]

finding my way back through the dark distraction free tool and stumbling across random thoughts of the mind



Sad excuse of a post, but this is what I am getting started with. No no restarting. I’m not familiar with that. Don’t remember any such concept. 😉 There are producers and there are consumers of content but now there are curators of content and curators of curators of content. Making consuming a lot of […]

2013 in review


Happy new Year! Well, it’s true a whole year passed and I don’t remember writing anything here. I don’t remember where I left you fending for yourself last, blog. In general, my creativity, as far as writing of any sort (typing to be honest) is concerned, was “ittooo sa!” Nothing to show for. On the […]

the thought process has become microbloggy. a long period has passed since the last post and last year had seen the lowest number of posts ever on the blog. to summarize, i had (and still have) stopped remaining jobless and loveless. i held onto trying to complete a post i started back in september having […]

A few ways of looking at new year’s resolutions with more interest and enthusiasm.