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I have got so used to keeping everything locked within myself unlike my initial days of using this platform to vent out, express, share and ask about anything and everything that even writer’s block is not a good enough excuse for the kind of detachment that has grown between me and the blog. Nevertheless to […]

Lamenting about the drastic changes in animated content over roughly 2 decades.

Image via Wikipedia Finally, finally finally I am on my own machine that runs only GNU/Linux. Nothing is more satisfying than that now and probably for days to come. However now being on Linux full time and not having the Windows way out, I do plan to shamelessly lament, complain, rant and sorely miss some […]

One of my first poetic creations was about friendship. Friends are the never-outdated trends. No laws of nature or land impose humans to be friends. There is the wholesome voluntary thing that makes each friend to be there for the other with all their heart and soul. Has friendship lost its true meaning in the […]

Image via Wikipedia I have read/heard of something called profiling a person. Studying a lot of various traits of the person. You get better with time, if you make an effort and your speed of profiling increases. People with a knack to observe trait patterns quickly are obviously better at that. However, there’d be those […]

A notepad and a pen were being passed around as people began to follow suit or sweat their heads, tax their brains and scribbled their suggestions on to the notepad. Majority participated vocally.

Image via Wikipedia Another week passing by as i try hard to catch hold of interesting thoughts and memories to put down on blog, but nothing seems worth noting or sharing with the general public. Times have been interesting, exciting, educating, depressing, but old times go and new times come. Trying to keep this post […]