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Buses were my primary mode of transport when I first came to this city for my job. There were no pool rides that came to your doorstep and gave you the satisfaction of thumbing your nose at the extortionist auto rickshaw drivers who wanted to be prepaid to take you away, to your desired destination […]

i love helping my juniors but more importantly i love receiving that gratitude which makes my heart grow fonder of them and then messes up the whole experience where they don’t really want to reciprocate that much. i mean be nice and helpful and then fuck off. so i really need to curb my enthusiasm […]


Why do I need to give you an answer? Why do you have to care so much about why I don’t care about socializing with you? Why so much concern for someone not opting for your company or your choice. Why would I take interest in a group where people want to be friendly but […]

The pro of a Linux supporter is that they are proactive on forums. Their intention to ‘suggest’ is misread as intention to help. The con of the Linux supporter is that they don’t clarify that they don’t intend to solve the problem. Not even a GOTO Linux statement is remotely useful without actually helping the […]

Almost 3 decades on the face of that planet and I still never ever want to give hikes and treks a try again, despite being a sport and trying way too often than I’d ever wish to. Too many siblings become too compelling and dominating. To be honest, I can never ever get the hang […]

I live…Again


that’s the blog speaking more literally than me. finally a happy turn’s come in my life and i want to get back to talking to my old friends…people who always care (but are lazy to get off facebook), starting with this blog. many months and many unfinished drafts went by. it’s hard to ignore all […]

Live The Night


Have you ever thought what it is to ‘live’ the night? To be as functional as you’d rather be in the day? Do all those day chores in the night instead? When the night becomes the primary half of your daily life and the day, the time of rest. When you are expected to be […]