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Image via Flickr There has been fabmall (where I bought my first motorola c300 from rather) and there is amazon (that is not enter(tain)ing India as a market). There have been so many bookstalls all over the offline world. Honestly however, I’ve never been inclined to read too much. You might recall CPA as a […]

I’ve been trying so hard all day to think of a topic to write about that’s relevant as of now (the June theme of NaBloPoMo), but currently so less is happening in life, that I keep on going back to past to come up with topics. Also majorly since I’m trying to avoid about stuff […]

Image via Wikipedia This is inspired by a writing prompt on which is of course also the reason this post is getting published today. The idea is to write about what I’d do if I got a million dollars and I was not allowed to keep it or gift it to anybody I personally […]

This is the concluding part of “Stealing vs Inspiration”. Read the first part here. Role of Technology Technology like the internet has connected the world in general and artists in particular in ways unimaginable before (for the common artist). Artistes, who’s works are copied or derived from, have equally easier ways of being aware of […]

This article has been written taking a hint from a facebook post on which a friend added some important points and perspective in the comments. So as per her wish, here’s the abusiveviews’ take on it. This article is also heavily influenced and limited to works of art mostly. Both imply Unoriginality Stealing and inspiration […]

So BSNL finally upped their unlimited broadband plans to 512kbps for good this month and I felt like recollecting how the experience was back in the day of screeching dial up modems. My region never had 56kbps. It was 33.6k and then onwards to 256k unltd bband. Even though we had a 33.6k D-Link modem, […]

I am personally fond of exploring and discovering rarely publicised artwork including pictures, audio and video mainly that are open or public domain licensed via few major sites like,,,, etc. Here I want to specifically talk about really old movies. Why? To explain how public domain is a wonderful thing To […]