Why WP?

I know it probably should be an about page, but I’ll figure out what to write or what written stuff to link to later on and link to that. Basically my previous blog at LJ provides a good enough idea about what my varied interests are really. In one line, I am a poem writer, an open source/content/standard supporter, and an occasional blogger. Maybe not too excellent in any, but good enough to have had interest in all of them for few years now.

I didn’t really spend that much time on choosing blogging platforms this time, coz there were only that used open source systems and were hosting for free and were well-known. Reality is that WordPress had been 2nd choice right after livejournal. Something about Brad Fitzpatrick’s BML based blogging system had uniquely appealing to a content-only blogger like me. I mean I had a blog on blogspot, till I didn’t like it as much and had revaluated my options and settled on livejournal. particularly there were little additions like “current mood” and “currently listening to” and no confusion between categories and tags and no ads for basic version and easy to set per post security, comment screening and comment moderation from my email itself, that LJ won my choice over WordPress/wordpress.com.

As I said in a comment here, I had tried a default wordpress install on a hosting space i got to try out for some time. Thanks to frizilla.


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