Why do I need to give you an answer? Why do you have to care so much about why I don’t care about socializing with you? Why so much concern for someone not opting for your company or your choice. Why would I take interest in a group where people want to be friendly but not friends? I never forget. I never forgive. Let others burn in the aftermath. I don’t need your stupid get togethers to open up. You don’t deserve to know me. And I don’t care about your issues any second beyond what I’ve to bear with. There’s no middle ground. I tried being my best and now I’m pushed to be at my worst. I’ll put up that mask everytime that misleads you to think that I care even the tiniest bit to waste any more time than I absolutely need to. Betrayal will be paid back in kind.. multiplied.

Never ever ask the same damn thing again. Because next time, if ever there’s one…I’ll not be as nice as last time. And it won’t matter where it would happen.




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