Sad excuse of a post, but this is what I am getting started with. No no restarting. I’m not familiar with that. Don’t remember any such concept. 😉

There are producers and there are consumers of content but now there are curators of content and curators of curators of content. Making consuming a lot of content and my time very very easy and making writing boring stuff very very difficut to really gather traction.

That’s the stuff I can only come up with and that never helped me in the past. There is a feeling of uncertainty when trying to blog in today’s time without trying to consume the whole of internet…or reddit frontpage. This is also the first time I am writing using the wordpress website itself. Not focussing in a distraction free editor right now. All that JDarkRoom would remind with its environment is something I’ll leave for others to deal with. Yea me selfish! Muhuhahaha (Kinda more funny than Muhahaha)

Talking about life is again so blah! Need to take some time and think what about it I may or may not talk about. For now it’s a good thing I did feel like writing again. Not that I’d care if this got lost or something. I’ll probably write better next time.

Before shutting up, I guess I can quickly point out that of the 7 add-ons active in my browser (Firefox, of course), 5 are security/privacy focused and the rest two are for content capture. Some of them I’d like to talk about soon. Though I know a hundred things (maybe a little…more than a little…less) that are trying to blast through my mind. But I need to save some for next time, but damn remembering stuff is so hard! At least this is a topic where the content is always staring me in the face and I’m constantly thanking that.

So how have you been? More importantly have you ever lost track of blogging and then got back to it once or more than once? What did you write about? What worked for you? Begging for inspirations despirately I suppose. :p

p.s. Don’t ask about the title. No that didn’t occur to me on the throne. Just the voice in my head that I just imagine is in the act of pushing me off my state of inertia with regards to writing content on my blog. Hoping this again is not the only post of the year. Annual blog existence reminder post.


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