Meta Post: Attempted Re-ignition of a bye-gone habit.


I have come to a stage in blogging with such a long break since my last post that it feels like the decade, since I started, had never happened. So this may read/sound quite meta. One thing that really hinders me with getting back into the writing habit is the really-tough-to-type-on old laptop keyboard. Really tough because most keys are almost jammed (esp. backspace). Really tough because my typing has been mostly converted to swiping and hoping autocorrect figures out the swish swoosh pattern I did (which it often fails). I do have WordPress on the mobile but I haven’t gotten comfortable in writing anything of substantial length on a tap-tap screen. That and the fact that the screen keeps turning off before an idea bulb could turn on in my head. It is quite distracting. As i might have said before, most of my ideas and expressions almost always get summarized and fit in a tweet. Elaborating beyond that feels like delaying the conveying of the same.

My blogging has been influenced by different phases of growing up. In retrospect, quite interesting phases as well. It’s not like I stopped doing the things I wrote about. Not every thing at least. But like I said, the patience for long form of expression that is blogging has been eroded and the interest to get back into it seriously needed something that I am really motivated to talk about. This is not such a post.

The other thing that I surprisingly was able to create in recent days were 2 full length poems. Like tweets even the rhymes I would come up with would only get over in 2-4 lines and then nothing would come to mind. In that case as well, situations arose that made it possible to get affected to the point that a decent poem or two got composed.

In the real world, the only (personally/professionally) notable event that happened is me completing one full year in current company employment. Been in the workplace though now for close to 2 yrs. Less than a month to go for that. Seen a lot of people who joined during my time and a year or two before that leaving one after the other with me not having much of a clue why. Doesn’t affect my confidence in the place yet. Still, besides missing a few good friends, the place still remains quite cordial.

I can’t believe I missed pycon India 2014 which happened on this weekend. I am really not sure why it didn’t occur to me to look up booking dates, etc. Just real happy that my friend Kushal Das who is a director of Python Software Foundation (super proud moment already) had given the keynote speech this year at PyCon India 2014. I did attend once, last in 2010. In the following years I was busy avoiding taking any leaves more than absolutely necessary. I didn’t have Saturdays off in those days, so even taking that off used to be quite costly then. Now I guess I just got used to not going for any events, even though I did go for Barcamp Bangalore Monsoon edition 2013. It did feel quite difficult to connect back with a totally new crowd and there was no common mindset to share ideas with. Just some twitter handles that I was familiar with. I didn’t think I had or they had the interest to converse more than a few tweets’ worth of stuff. Sucks to be saying something cool and not being able to get retweeted in real life, I guess. The rest of the time I spent meeting new people, I was more interested in knowing about various people’s careers and current jobs than just sharing random ideas. On one hand, it did feel like I have become narrow-minded. On the other hand, I have got a job where my work involves tools and technologies I have always wished to work with. So that gives fewer and fewer reasons to be exploring anything else. Which I know, isn’t very cool.

Spent more time after office hours to get better and better at carrom though. Although luck doesn’t favor much in the matter of getting the last coin in. Often. Besides walking out of home to my workplace, going out in general has happened very less, except exploring a bit more of the new places in my city. Meeting with a friend and a cousin and her family was the only times I had gone out and had to meet with people. :p Before that Ma had come over to stay so those were happy days. Even my elder cousin had dropped in for my sister’s birthday which was like an awesome surprise for her and a fun exercise. We were supposed to go to her place to give her the surprise and I forgot the exact directions. Cousin was driving his new car so it was not possible to ask sister for very specific directions. She would obviously be expecting us (dad and me) to book a cab and that the cab driver (cabbie sounds stupid, chauffeur doesn’t suit the indicas they normally provide) would know general directions and landmarks. Thankfully with a bit of Google Maps and a little bit extra long route we did figure out the route and the surprise was successful. For our entertainment, Google Navigation voice speaking out local place names in American accent was totally hilarious. Can’t blame it. Did help us prevent the surprise from getting spoilt.

Wrote quite a lot and definitely missed out on quite a lot. It is not possible for me to fill all the gaps now because every time I try doing that I would lose interest half way or I’d feel sleepy or distracted. Unfortunately there is no flow in this post. Hopefully with a bit of drastic editing, the reading will be a tad bit easier for the tweet-sized attention spans.

Dunno when I will write again. Here comes the rain (where I stay i.e.)


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