Windows user encountered an error


The pro of a Linux supporter is that they are proactive on forums. Their intention to ‘suggest’ is misread as intention to help. The con of the Linux supporter is that they don’t clarify that they don’t intend to solve the problem. Not even a GOTO Linux statement is remotely useful without actually helping the user plan out the migration systematically with least downtime in day to day work. Linux users should know better how critical downtime is. Those who use at work at least. Fact is that it does take equally tremendous effort whether you keep fighting the battle on Windows ground or shift base to Linux. Neither category of ‘help’ need be discouraged. And as much as it sucks to be pushed away (figuratively) to RTFM when you are learning Linux, it’s not fair to expect a Windows user to take the same treatment. They didn’t sign up for that. Not that they can’t read..


One Response to “Windows user encountered an error”

  1. If you are suggesting Linux users don’t care to help Windows users to migrate over I would say you are probably not makeing an accurrate statement. There are some friends that I talked in to switching to Linux years ago. They are very proficient with Linux now but stumble around when it comes to solving problems with Windows. They may be trying to help you but they are not as knowledgable about Windows as they are Linux so they are probably giving you the information you need on the Linux end. You need to find someone who keeps up to date on both operating systems. You have to remember that there is different software on Linux that are also ported for Windows. I think Novell is one of them. Some behavoirs and settings may be different on each OS. You would need a person who has Migrated from one OS to the other, not just a Linux user. I have raised my neices and nephews on Linux so they have no idea how to deal with Windows problems.

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