2013 in review


Happy new Year! Well, it’s true a whole year passed and I don’t remember writing anything here. I don’t remember where I left you fending for yourself last, blog. In general, my creativity, as far as writing of any sort (typing to be honest) is concerned, was “ittooo sa!” Nothing to show for. On the other hand, I became a more avid consumer. Became obese with information you might say. And junk food. Yeah! 2013 was the year of the free pizzas and free chicken burgers. Lost count how many times I’ve put MCD07, MOB06 and FRIFRK to good use. Ditched paytm because Dominos coupons were not coming free and nothing beats a BOGO offer.

Well, that was the only part I thought up and planned to start my first article of 2014 with. This khatkhat keyboard is just ridiculous to type on. Like writing on a paper that you placed on a soft cushion. bounce, poke, bounce, wobble, klackety-klack-khatkhat, bounce… I’m even readjusting it on to the cooling pad like you’d do a typewriter after finishing a line. kaching! Malware:Anti-malware::Laptops:Cooling pad. They are both made for each other. On the bright (hot) side, the laptop’s been working for me since 2007. Although now mostly as a desktop. < 40% battery charge retention. Worst of all, ever since upgrading to Mint 13, the wi-fi on the laptop just stopped working. Something that worked out of the box, right after the first time I put on Mint 8. Didn’t affect me much until last year when I got a real broadband connection. Also got the wifi router from Goa. The one that I bought for home but then folks gave up the non-existent BSNL connection. All things said, since the laptop has to stay near the plug point it also stays near the router and thus the LAN cord that stay plugged to the same point.

While on the topic of technology and internet, the best thing to have happened last year was the purchase of Nexus 7C (2012 model…well the 2013 model still doesn’t come with an external memory slot, does it) The C version was for the 3g sim slot, which I thought I’d need as I didn’t have a broadband/wifi connection back then at my home (any home for that matter now). Guess what though, given that android is generally so helpful, I was able to use the internet via WiFi itself by making the phone share its 2g internet connection over a portable hotspot. That was useful back then for sharing with my folks as well, when they come over to stay. The Nexus 7 is an amazing and my most favorite possession though I definitely think I quite underuse it. It has been a core contributor to the information overdose, so to say. Which reminds me of something. No matter how much I think it’s like cool or say essential to read books, when you take a look at the few frontpages of the internet and few popular feeds, there are tons and tons of interesting things that are happening all around the world and more and more of it is being publicly available every single moment. Why would I waste it reading obsolete content? I’d answer myself, “To get inspired to write something of your own and not leave this blog to rot for a whole year. All you did was read stuff that made you go, ‘Whoa! Awww! and ROFL!’ Not even a constructive response.”. My photo albums saw zilch uploads. I was taking photos though with my phone camera that’s got more megapixels than my Nikon (that’s just shelved). I was though too lazy to upload. Initially, I’d bring the Nexus 7 tablet to the office (sometimes on a Saturday as well) just to download a few games, update all the apps and all the new articles on both Pocket and JustReader (feedreader). Coolest thing about having a Nexus as many owners of them would know is ‘latest and best android experience’. Least number of 3rd party apps. On the downside, way more of Google apps. You might like a few but you’d wish you could replace some of the others.

That’s way too much about the tablet and tech in general. Once the wifi connection did materialize, the usefulness of both the phone and the tablet increased tremendously. The gprs usage is now limited to pay as you go. Videos when I want to see, wherever I want to see (in and around my home and office floor, to be precise). Latest news I want to catch up on, whenever, wherever (blah blah blah). Voice calls on viber, funny gifs and memes off reddit, etc. Real-time tweets as well, but as my creativity just went on hibernation, I had almost no original thought that I initiated a tweet with. All replies, retweets and tweets based on stuff people posted on the TL.

IRL, away from the technology, many life-impacting events had happened last year. Some losses, some gains. Mostly of great significance. Somehow, not writing about it out in the open has just suppressed the vulnerability within. In turn, I’d spent time listening and comforting others close in my life. It’s guaranteed to make you happy. Although thanks to my 2+ years old relationship, I’m not exactly a constant boiling pot of tragic frustration (to the general public).

I have folks visit twice last year. My landlord family had been kind to let them stay at my place, which is meant for a single person only. Sister moved to this city for her first ever job. Working as hard as she’s being worked. I just feel awkward remembering about complaining about working on Saturdays when I realize that she works non-stop through the week.

Talking about work, I realized that the only post I made last year was exactly a day after the biggest happy news of my professional life had happened. I finally got through to the MNC, I was working as a temp for. Had a round of interviews which followed the recommendation from my manager who had asked (out of the blue) initially for my consent to start the interviewing process. It’s a too good to be true situation, even now. It has been a long journey since 2008. Finally a decent pay grade. But most importantly, (this cannot be emphasized enough), super helpful and positive people. Almost every single person is (more than expected) approachable. This helped speed up the learning process. Not a very well known company in our country unless you’ve been handling or learning networking operating systems in the late nineties or early zeroties (what else to call them?) that are proprietary and not *nix. It’s also a big advantage having the office just 5 minutes from my home. In fact, I reach my cubicle from my home in less than 10 minutes by walk. Unless, if my elevator luck sucks.

I found that I have become really hopeless at preparing and presenting stuff I myself worked on. That would be something I need to work on this year. And I took some personality traits exam in which I was labeled a peacock. Yet to know why. Having said all these random things, I’m happy I can blabber on for more than 1000 words though this being an article after long time, it was quite unplanned and adequately coherent but not as finely controlled as I would have wanted. Some strong emotions that need to be kept private lock awaya lot of the good stuff that must be shared in any case.

Currently listening to Radio City Anytime Anywhere internet radio channel on Tunein Radio app. Composed the draft in JDarkroom but just discovered the distraction-free mode on wordpress’ own web editor. If only black was an option. It’s a useful mode and hope people find it useful.


4 Responses to “2013 in review”

  1. 1 arabicaah

    “.. nothing beats a BOGO offer.” So true. LOL

    Nice precis. πŸ™‚

    Also, thanks for the reminder to install an app like Pocket. Had been meaning to do it some time ago.

    Post more often. (Look who’s talking, right?) πŸ˜›

    • Precis? Wow! I still remember not being able to precisely figure out what it ever meant during school. πŸ˜› Pocket has improved by leaps and bounds since I first start using what was then called Read It Later. It’s as much interesting as the articles you save. πŸ˜‰ I do intend to post more often. New year, new start, etc. You know what happens to resolutions. πŸ˜€

  2. 3 Ankita

    Glad you wrote after sooo long πŸ˜€ Baaki comments phone pe :-*

    P.S. Yayyy! You’ve stopped boiling πŸ™‚

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