Tweetally forgot about my blog :(


the thought process has become microbloggy. a long period has passed since the last post and last year had seen the lowest number of posts ever on the blog. to summarize, i had (and still have) stopped remaining jobless and loveless. i held onto trying to complete a post i started back in september having fresh reactions from my move to a new city, new state, new phone number, new company but i just never got done with reading and posting tweets. happily facebook free for 22+ months. a lot of things have happened and i have thought of sitting down and writing down as much as i can of as many important events that i can remember since the last post. in twitter style, the events since then are as follows :-

  • I tried for jobs in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. Got in the last place
  • Visited Hong Kong for a vacation. If people were simply that well behaved here…
  • Moved to Bangalore for starting with the job on August 22. Got acco almost after a month. Posh neighborhood.
  • Job involves working on python (something i love) based web (something i worked with) frameworks (something new that i wanted to learn)
  • Attended Metallica concert with a bunch of losers. Missed out on being more closer to the stage.
  • Love happened. 30th December 2011 onwards. Twitter (DM) -> Skype -> Meet -> 🙂 (awkward change for the abusive tone, but for the better, right? :p )
  • Every day has been awesome and noteworthy ever since, but it’s way more so every time I get to go back home. 😉
  • Visited Singapore to dump back sister at her b-school there and check out the country (its so small i think of it as a city)
  • In Singapore, visited Universal Studios at Sentosa. Weirdly enough missed out on Sea World, that everyone back in office seemed to ask.
  • Ate tasty local food. Chicken rice and Laksa are my easy favorites. Food places -> Newton food hub/court, Clarke Quay (world cuisine), etc.
  • Planning home trips on upcoming long weekends. So less holidays ya! no Saturdays off also! (will never get used to it)

I really really wanted to not just post and keep the blog up and going but needed to let out stuff that had to be shared with you all and since my writing skills have dwarfed down to 140 characters or one liners, I thought of giving the writing a start with my favorite form of answering subjective questions. Get the points across. I will hopefully take out time and recollect (high hopes) details of the some of the events outlined above and get the blog running again. Petrol is not cheap re!


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