Live The Night

Night Sky at Dinosaur point

Image by hubbleflow via Flickr

Have you ever thought what it is to ‘live’ the night? To be as functional as you’d rather be in the day? Do all those day chores in the night instead? When the night becomes the primary half of your daily life and the day, the time of rest. When you are expected to be fully productive and not while away the hours online lamenting about how horrible the day was? The worst thing about my mind is when it does seek a routine, it gets painfully bored too soon…and the routines, it finds too soon. Of course one cannot question the rotation of the earth as it sees the sun on different halves of it and hence the day and night. It sets the base of all routines. So what came over me?

Its very obvious that I stay awake often as late as the last of the sun rays have come out. What I do miss out from these hours is that I find myself to be doing nothing that one would be capable of in the day time. In short, to live the hours of darkness. To live the hours of waking. Not to have peace and quiet of the sleeping world to write blog posts nor to go out to get entertained or whatever, but to have my full attention demanded to all the daily chores and work/job. I wouldn’t want to be including the people working on a desk job at this hour who just like us nocturnals (who stay online and) pass the hours in the confines of closed boundaries/rooms. Being in a town, that calls it too early a night and shuts down, these kind of ideas do seem more imaginative and far fetched than life in the cities.

Regardless of how much work gets done in the day, the night remains the time to do more of what we would personally like, for our personal satisfaction. Where you are the boss, the employee and the client. Even if you consider the graveyard shift office goers, night for them would be the day time and thus the idea would translate. I guess I talk much like a person with serious problems with sleeping and waking at right times of the day.

Things I often feel like doing in the deserted night are to drive overnight. I have been on overnight journeys on buses. I wished to watch a movie in a hall, which I happened to have done recently when I had been in Mumbai. I’d wish to have like a proper meal like say lunch, not raiding a fridge or whatever, but actually preparing and cooking. Besides probably a lot of pseudo indoor stuff, like playing metal music on my home theater box at insanely loud volume. Meeting up with random people. Sharing life stories. The list goes on and on and keeps getting unrealistic.

I don’t want to disrespect the sun nor do I want to interfere in the routine of the scary nocturnal animals. Its just a thought and someday it will probably be realised. 🙂

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