Homoeopathy Exhibition: Still dunno why

Infocom is the largest IT fair in Kolkata
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So 6 yrs since I learnt of the Health exhibition in Shiroda’s Homœopathy college, I decided to get a first impression of the college and the exhibition. I’m thinking the all-around mood was damp. Or maybe my timing was worse (lunch break).

I’ve never been to a health exhibition of any kind of medicine, so I’ve no prior experience to compare with, However I’ve seen science exhibitions. Really good ones like Infocom (Kolkata, Jan ’10). I’d atleast hoped to see some practical projects. All I remember is good colorful thermocol caricatures with such a strong overdose of biological terms. Serves me right for speaking all tech-gibberish to people who just needed their computers to ‘work’ and for never attending bio classes since XIth. The presentation was amateurish sure, but I’m thinking the exhibition’d be a hit if other medical/homoeopathy college students alone were invited.

Also, I guess I’m a bad person to try to explain to. I ask the questions that require technical details to explain and yet I want not to remember the particular terms but rather the practical aspect of the knowledge gained. People weren’t comfortable switching tracks away from theory. I believe I learnt Alzheimers‘ disease in full detail (I’m assuming I talked to a prof).

Stuff I liked (gathering together the best of the positive me), A cut-section of a blood vessel, that had a smiley for a WBC, doughnuts for RBC and diagonal barfis for platelets all served up in a gift wrapper (plasma). I think the forensics dept’s drug n alcohol abuse theme has still got me questioning why the theme, but I liked the colorful artwork. Guess they should win a prize for art n drama. The person who dies of addiction in the skit told me the story. Got tired of dying all day I believe. Most exhibition halls had enormous charts of body parts and details. And all explanations were also needlessly lengthy. They should really treat us newbies as newbies. Skip to the interesting parts.

Homeopathy watching horrors of Allopathy
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There was nothing in Homoeopathy exhibition that’d convince people to look at homeopathy as a viable alternative. There was not enough participation from the volunteers or there was not much info on whether a random individual would be too much to explain n talk to. I’m guessing that’s because they feel they have to explain from A-Z…0-9. At times I wonder if they were told to prove how much they know more than us rather than how much they can help us general public take away from the exhibition.

There was nothing about the ‘process related to homœopathy medicine making or administering’. Why’d one specifically climb that mountain to see generic stuff? Show stuff that you learn uniquely. I can only hope that they take the exhibition in a more interesting direction to drive important points home not theory lessons.

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