Remember what Friendship really means


One of my first poetic creations was about friendship. Friends are the never-outdated trends. No laws of nature or land impose humans to be friends. There is the wholesome voluntary thing that makes each friend to be there for the other with all their heart and soul. Has friendship lost its true meaning in the social network era? If only the powers of discovering lost contacts have been taken into granted and abused to find and add anybody and everybody (giving the servers some failwhales to tend to).

Friendship is uniquely defined on a case by case basis. To hell with all the sites that try to redefine friends more loosely as simply the number of people you are following conversations, thoughts and interests of. This friendship day its important to emphasise our gratefulness to our real friends who actually make a difference in our lives, in our thinking and who let us still be us. Its also a day to be honest with yourself to accept that there are only so many true friends you really can be there for in their time of need.

Whether it be school 1 (calcutta), school 2 (goa), HSS, grad or post grad I made very few friends but they will always be the most special people I’ve had the good fortune of sharing fun times, tension times, sad times, happy times with. Though I am friendly to many more, those few people who I think of as my friends, definitely get treated specially.

Its also been my fault a lot of times for being a dumbass and misunderstanding people meaning to be my friends and turning them away. I wish them friends a 1000x better than me (and a 1000x more dumbass-friendly person for me 😛 ) I did learn the hard way often that you cannot get/have friends if you cannot be a friend in their need first. You cannot have friends if you are more important to yourself than them. Mistakes can be damn valuable teachers though they give you one hell of a spanking that hurts the more you realise what it cost you.

Today I wish people really shove the web 2.0 friendship definition up the asses of the social networks and tell their real friends how fortunate they are to still not have been brainwashed off the true meaning of friendship.

I made a new friend today
I lost an enemy today
I became a new friend today
I lost to my enemy today

Happy Friendship Day! to you and your friends.


  • Fact: My mom’s food has been a magical ingredient that often had my special friends visiting our place and me getting to know them better.
  • Fact: I do love my non-veg diet but I end up being better closer friends with vegetarians.
  • Facts are meant to be challenged by exceptions.
  • Facts aren’t the whole truth

5 Responses to “Remember what Friendship really means”

  1. 1 Friend

    Some of your friends really did get a great treatment. 🙂

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