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The most prominent ambition that I recall having as a kid was to be a aircraft pilot. For many a years till I had some sense in the head I believe. Later on since high school, I’ve been hooked onto computers. From being able to use it better to being able to fix it better […]

A void is there in my life. A blank that has been created from taking the freedom to desert employment and seek admission to higher studies. It feels like a void because a large portion of the daily life is now open for me to choose how to live it, spend it, use it. Initially […]



Freedom means a lot of things to lot of people, but in common it implies the absence of constraints that influence your choices. Choice to do something good, bad or stupid. Freedom matters most because it lets choice of action, words, thoughts or expressions uniquely identify you and not judge you. Freedom needs courage not […]

In the case of continuous partial attention, we’re motivated by a desire not to miss anything. To be busy, to be connected, is to be alive, to be recognized, and to matter Do you know what’s my favorite topic whenever I start thinkin afresh of writing a new post? Writer’s block. The name’s the same, […]