flipkart: Book Store that made me read books

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There has been fabmall (where I bought my first motorola c300 from rather) and there is amazon (that is not enter(tain)ing India as a market). There have been so many bookstalls all over the offline world. Honestly however, I’ve never been inclined to read too much. You might recall CPA as a cause or even the tiny fonts making me sleepy. How I search for ctrl and + keys in the offline world!

Well randomly there have been books that I’ve taken interest to read a few pages beyond chapter 1 and even till the last page. Here, however I am talking about what is recognized as India’s answer to Amazon.com. Regardless of how it compares I am totally satisfied with the service and this is a testimonial to that.

I have discovered and disregarded flipkart initially with the same frown I look upon books with (I always go straight for the games/movies sections 😀 ). Only recently though when I re-set my unused and unchecked banking account for the umpteenth time, did I feel like checking out flipkart. Hard to recall now, but it could have been a sum of ‘going to flipkart from a book launch blog post’+’wee hours brain exhaustion’+’impulse buying’. I can’t blame any one cause in particular. While on the site, the front page did tempt me to get another book. Given that I take years and still not finish a book, I went far out of line ordering a 2nd book. In fact I remember placing 2 separate orders for each book. Like an afterthought. Books fortunately eat up time…not so much money, but it all depends on how seriously you take up time=money. For me time=time to read+time i paused reading as i dozed off….lot more time.

flipkart’s delighted me the way it has tie-ups with real good courier services who take care of on-time deliveries. Its real good luck to do business with people who don’t make you fail on your commitments. Although I’d wish flipkart is more specific about what tracking code they’re giving for the parcel (Some sites have two types of tracking code), it really is irrelevant to ask, given that the delivery is often within 3 working days. On top of that, you need a min. purchase of 100 INR or above for free shipping, which is really more than reasonable I feel. Only thing I hope flipkart allows us to specify is a preference order of courier services. Services that have a presence in my town deliver earlier than those that have a presence in my state.

Browsing through flipkart’s selection is a good pastime. Their ‘Related’ results for any book you view details about is a bit premature. It matches the book with similar title or author names..word for word. I’m hoping it’ll get intelligent in time (with some work put in of course).

The first 2 books I purchased are also isspeshal probably because I learnt that they stopped giving bookmarks with their books and those 2 had the last 2 bookmarks, one each.

What was your first online shopping experience like? Share it in the comments.


6 Responses to “flipkart: Book Store that made me read books”

  1. Hi from another satisfied Flipkart customer! 🙂
    My first major online transaction was with Flipkart and yeah they are very good in whatever they offer.
    Shopping books online is way better than wasting time in Bookstores because there are minimum distractions while at Bookstores you have other books, people, chicks :p to disturb you.

    BTW when did they stop giving bookmarks? My last order was in Mid-may and I got two along with one book.

    • 2 Diabolic Preacher

      Have you experienced browsing bigger stores like landmark (not the Panjim one), crossword and starmark? All the aisles usually blocked by people browsing through books. flipkart doesn’t have a preview of books’ few pages like amazon. I hope it’ll. Buying online helps if you know what you are buying exactly unless 1. you got time to browse through the store entirely…going thru reviews, etc. 2. the suggestions are uncannily accurate. Both of which are unlikely to happen together.

      In comparison I find music stores to be a waste of space. You can’t exactly take out a CD and browse thru a few songs, just flipping it this way and that.

      • http://sankarshan.wordpress.com/2010/09/08/store-online-store/ ? 🙂 There’s a bunch of things flipkart could do with their bookstore but I think their focus with their other purchases would take time.

        • 4 Diabolic Preacher

          1. welcome to my blog and thanks for making your presence felt with a comment. 2. I’ve read your article back when you’d posted along with the pics. I still order from flipkart and its convenient compared to waaaaay more than 16km that i’ll have to cover to get to a good brick n mortar store. I’m hoping I keep getting good quality books from flipkart. my restraint against overspending is my lack of reading habit.

  2. 5 DonySoft

    Good article. (i have 1-2 books ((( )

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