My favorite board games


I’ve been trying so hard all day to think of a topic to write about that’s relevant as of now (the June theme of NaBloPoMo), but currently so less is happening in life, that I keep on going back to past to come up with topics. Also majorly since I’m trying to avoid about stuff that you can google out content for. Real life experiences of mine and people I know.

Board games are indoor games but indoor games are not board games. Board games is the generic term for all kinds of indoor games that are played on a 4 cornered hard cardboard which is the surface on which a static user interface in the form of chart paper with the game layout is stuck on it. The state of game and the position of each player in the game is represented using one or the other form of (usually) plastic pieces. What’s interesting about board games is that they are usually played ‘not alone’. Of course you could take the pieces of more than one player and play both turns yourself, but that takes twice the time and half the fun away.

When it comes to board games the only exception I make to the definition I put above is the carrom board. I can’t stand any other carrom board other than mine (Most boards have microscopic pockets). Its the one game that’s fun to play with the family. Immediate and extended included. One need not be skilled to begin with and one can develop skills through the game. The game turns around even with a few coins to spare. I don’t like the rule of ‘no-hand-shots’ when a team is playing. A team in carrom can be of max 2. Unless someone designed a hexagonal board. Which hasn’t happened as per my knowledge and I dunno why.

The next game I like is a special version of Monopoly. Well I do like Monopoly, but this one’s special coz its a limited edition Star Wars theme board. The player pieces represent the characters and are very precisely moulded. Monopoly is (if you follow the rulebook to the k) a very complex game to even setup and understand. I believe we used to play a much simpler version with a lot of the rules abstracted. There were certain rules about what each character was capable of buying or selling. There were rules about auction if a property could not be paid for or maintained (No one agreed to bid even a penny). And there are these wonderful shiny coins, that my cousin used to keep collecting coz he was making 5G’s so quickly. Damn. Still I liked the game a lot with the $200 income everytime you did a home run…passed Go. The wicked smile on the face of the occupant of the most costliest place on the board, who lost all fortune to buy it in the first place. Priceless.

Scrabble by Hasbro. Yea I guess you need to mention them, since they get so uptight if anyone else uses that word otherwise. Jerks. Anyways coming back to the game. Its about words. You got letters. Form words. If any letter covers special bonus slots, you get bonus (BFOO). Each letter has a score indicated on the letter piece with a number. I’m not good (patient) at reading books so I’m not good at forming 8 letter words all the time. Interesting trivia is that the tool I’m writing this post in is called Q10 whose icon is also like the scrabble tile for the letter Q. Although I think some boards do give you Qu, since there’s hardly a word (in English) where Q is not followed by u. My vocabulary is not complete and new words are found (stolen from other languages and imaginary stories) everyday. I feel word twist and related games are a derivative of Scrabble. However, when you think of them from the point of playing with others, just competiting for scores isn’t as fun. Its more interesting to look at the words your opponent is forming and learning something (or even having a laugh at it…while later realising how stupid you are for not knowing that word). Besides when you’re there with your friends like not across the interwebs, you could always talk about other stuff too (Risque stuff while your opponent is busy concentrating. ;D )

Other games that I’ve played, can make some sense of and are played on-board are Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Chess, Chinese Checkers (The one with the pentagon shape) and others that I probably don’t remember (subconscious mind on a writers’ strike).

What are your favorite indoor games and when’s the last time you played them? I don’t quite remember my last time. I’ve been so socially networked! Write your choices in the comments.


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