What’d I do with a million dollars?

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This is inspired by a writing prompt on nablopomo.com which is of course also the reason this post is getting published today. The idea is to write about what I’d do if I got a million dollars and I was not allowed to keep it or gift it to anybody I personally know.

Hmm…So what’d I do with a million dollars? Besides keeping it or spending it all on Cadbury Crackle for as long as the balance or me survives? Honestly I don’t know. I know I am supposed to imagine but when I think about it, I’m mentally such a kiptey I erect principles against buying products that can use up million dollars within my patience’s lifetime.

  • I’m not interested in purchasing any lavish gas guzzlers
  • I’m not interested in any high-priced non-Flash devices. I’ve nothing against the UX or UI
  • I’m not settling anywhere yet so real estate is also out of the question
  • I’m not entrepreneur-minded at all, to even think about using the money as funding. Interestingly I’ve quite a few entrepreneurially (this word makes my typing slow) ambitious friends, who can benefit from it, but I’m not supposed to gift anyone. How about a contest? The prompt didn’t mention no contest.

However there are things that come in mind that could help spend the million dollars a little faster.

  • I’d like to try all highest models (sound like a dumb rich fella) of android phones. Or maybe I should hire a reviewer to get all them models and understand my needs (and whims) and write me a custom review (after 5-6 drafts…paid for no less). Crazy? Read on.
  • I’d like to get a 8mbps unlimited broadband plan. Faster? Better! Take money. Give Broadband. not BSNL!!
  • I’d like to be able to pay salaries of all my friends (close ones who I can count on…my fingers) for a month so we could all get off from the humdrum of work and do what we really want to do. Most would hopefully spend time with family and other near ones.
  • I’d like to pay off all face/body torture cream companies and tell them to shove their ads up their asses, so I can watch TV without forgetting what the fuck’s goin on!
  • I’d like to pay the taxes…that would be expected of someone getting a million dollars. “The system maybe flawed, but I’ll do it, because I care.”
  • I’d fund my Ph.D course or if its sponsored then the associated expenditures. I would fund it as much as honesty would allow. 😀

I think a million dollars should be used up by now. Maybe I’m running in debt already. So some of you knowing me might think.. nothing for open source projects? No donations? I say, those would come from my earned money, not some lottery or chance find loot. Effort for effort.

What would you do with a million dollars? I’d have to probably convert to our Indian currency rupees first. Write in your ideas in the comments or a link, if you blogged about it.

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4 Responses to “What’d I do with a million dollars?”

  1. Excellent!!

  2. I wrote about it on the NaBloPoMo site but then I edited one word and it went back for ‘approval’ and I have not seen it since. It was titled ‘Not for me’

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