My childhood ambitions


The most prominent ambition that I recall having as a kid was to be a aircraft pilot. For many a years till I had some sense in the head I believe. Later on since high school, I’ve been hooked onto computers. From being able to use it better to being able to fix it better to being able to create content and applications for it I have taken to computers like the pilot takes to the skies (with help of aircraft).

What is interesting between the transition and I believe is a general factor in growing up is that as a child we look much further in life than as a slightly grown up boy/girl. As a kid, when I imagine myself to be a pilot, I surely didn’t have the sense to figure out the myriad steps and hurdles of academics and other challenges of life that may or may not lead to the dream profession. Cut to professional mode. Direct. On the other hand, getting interested in computers as a profession was not without understanding well what further steps in academics are required. In this case, the ambition is step by step. First aim to get into the science stream, then onto a degree course that is related to computer, then maybe a postgrad, then apply for a job in the field of computers and so on… (well there’s always a better company and/or higher studies)

The other interests that I take seriously but in a non-professional way are to blog and to write poems. I have started blogging since atleast 5 years or maybe a few months more than that. My writing has seen many changes, but I’m not so much of a blog reader to be influenced strongly by other’s styles. Poems I’ve written since school, maybe 8th grade I think. From 11th onwards though I’ve been writing stuff usually with a dark shade, but that is what I call abusive views. The views themselves are not necessarily negative. I don’t have a favorite poem from others, as I can never remember them (not even mine completely). I do have favorite poet and right now the one I remember is Harivanshrai Bachchan (hope I got that right).

I’d tell that if you have a dream to achieve, know the path to it well in advance. Then you gotta believe that you can do it no matter what. Don’t give up if things don’t turn out well at any one point in the path. The path is never constant.

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