Freedom means a lot of things to lot of people, but in common it implies the absence of constraints that influence your choices. Choice to do something good, bad or stupid. Freedom matters most because it lets choice of action, words, thoughts or expressions uniquely identify you and not judge you. Freedom needs courage not because people are always against it (despite wanting their own…which they rather should earn) but sometimes our own selves quickly show their backs when the going gets tough in the course of following up with an independent choice.

As a techie, freedom in my domain brings into mind, vast topics like free software, open source, general public license, creative commons and so on. Freedom is so very very important when it comes to creation and consumption of digital content, it’d make this post a blog in itself. In short, as a student (of any stream) we must do what we can to maintain the freedom that’s associated with learning through sharing and that happens with open content like open source software and creative commons licensed artwork for example.

Freedom as I said doesn’t help make the right choices, but they define the person(s) or entities making the choice. Choices are characteristic and despite freedom from outside influences, the way a person or community has evolved still subconsciously constrains the choices.

Freedom is often not treated like a privilege. Everyone of us has a clear conscience of whether our choices are clearly in the wrong and harmful to humanity regardless of religion, society or other ca(s)tegories. When we betray our conscience giving ‘freedom’ all the praise (for the wrong reason), we are just fake proud but deep inside the guilt chews. So far, the exceptions to the above are usually seen to be either criminally insane or criminally insane with a very intelligent and composed personality. Yea, I think what we often misjudge is that insane people don’t always jump around, they can be more senile in appearance than a saint.

Freedom to write on and on is also very tempting but temptations are not good beyond a limit. Hope I did a good enough job of my first NaBloPoMo post. better late than never.

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2 Responses to “Freedom”

  1. Often, Freedom is used and abused in our country. As a writer, are we really free to write what ever one wishes to or as a film producer, are they free to make a film of their choice?

    • 2 Diabolic Preacher

      I feel yes. If the work is agreeable then that is what the writer or filmmaker likes the status quo. If the work is not agreeable then the writer or filmmaker dislikes the status quo. It is a matter of opinion. No one’s forcing anyone to accept artwork at face value. There are reasons things/events are portrayed in a certain way. Having said that, there are some really really atrociously shitty works who’s makers need to be punished or atleast humiliated for daring to even make such work commercial and charge for that. what say?

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