Observing Human Attitude: Simple things that we miss

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I have read/heard of something called profiling a person. Studying a lot of various traits of the person. You get better with time, if you make an effort and your speed of profiling increases. People with a knack to observe trait patterns quickly are obviously better at that. However, there’d be those also who’d let their preconcieved notions influence their judgement of which they have great confidence in. That leads to misunderstanding/misconception, before even one word of a conversation has been communicated. ever.
I’ve really short bits of experiences to share here and thus this is a freestyle post. It just flowed out of my memory, mixed with some feelings, some reaction and right out to my Q10. So let me start with saying that this time, I swear that I’ll try my best to honestly take an impartial look at all things, all beings around me. This year, if my posts get abusive, they would for a fuckin good reason! 😉

These are not detailed scientific analysis, but memorable observations of prominent traits that struck me at first time. I was having lunch at a restaurant near office and there were 2 people sitting on the other side of a partition wall. I didn’t notice them much when I came in. However here’s what made me tell myself “they are tourists! and pretty moronic ones at that”. The guy puts his cash between the bill booklet and tells the waiter, “Iss mein 1000 rupees ka note hain” he showed it, and told the waiter. I was like “Oh! mujhe laga aapne extra 0 lagaya, jaise aapka IQ hai” in my mind (my mind’s always abuzz). Sure enough when they were moving out the woman had weird big hat n stuff, like whole goa is a beach. Next sign telling they are tourists and they believe they have come to Galapagos more than Goa, educating clueless waiters about 1000 rupees note. It felt funny.
What would you have felt, if you were the waiter?

Saved the best for the last. I happened to be at BITS-Pilani Goa Campus to meet up with my Twestival teammates catching up on all offline discussions, etc. Days are getting lesser and lesser. Hmmm…wait, getting back to the topic. This incident actually let me meet 2 awesome human beings and a terribly stupid asshole (if I might be allowed to keep the descriptions at that level). After everyone parted their own ways, I was happy, I wasn’t locked out of my car with keys inside, as it often happens. However that would be being just stupid asshole. The terrible topping on it, comes because of my complete ignorance for I dunno what reason that my headlights had remained turned on for a good part of 2 hrs or even more. Yes, blinding flash of obvious, I admit that I’d been really really stupid myself to bring such a crisis on myself. Crisis however is only as big as we let it get before we initiate attempts to manage or get it managed. If I’m good at checking up on and fixing computers and software with my remote IT administration skills, my dad has an amazing ability to solve my vehicle and directions issues remotely via phone…and that doesn’t even have screen sharing 😛 Luckily I’d the wits to listen carefully, understand and memorize the method to charge up the battery that’d completely drained off. It came handy to give me some confidence to approach 2 of the security guards near the parking space for help with getting the car rolling to build up momentum. There of course was the possibility of being rejected the request, as no one there owed me anything to do me a favor. However, I also believe many of us have been rejected at the 0th attempt….by ourselves. We have denied ourselves from taking a chance. Hell, I even started to push the thing myself, but the method, needed someone at the driver seat and others to push the car. I do accept that those guards’ were smart enough to show me a easier way of going down a slope, that was luckily very nearby and that helped build up momentum easily for me to put the car in gear and get the ignition started. But, the happiness that lasts out of that achievement is not of the way we 3 succeeded but in the way, few minutes back 2 human beings while on the job, so easily accepted my request with no restrictions and a lot of smiles, yeah genuine ones! not like 🙂 These are the kind of selfless people that we volunteers of Twestival hope to be. You really need to give everyone a chance to find your motivation to do something so selflessly. I felt like asking myself first, these strangers really put a question on “are friends really this helpful, when you need them?” and I tell myself “Am I really this helpful, when my friends need me?” If I’m not, I’ll sure try to.
What would you have felt, if you were in my place. I’ll let you skip the terribly stupid asshole part. Actually, being that, is the reason I got to live this experience. 🙂

To top it all, my fuel tank was empty, barely less than a liter I’d say, just enough to get to the nearest pump with me having cash, just enough for a 3.3l fill. Fully confident, I’ll drive economically enough to reach all the way back home. And I did!! 😛

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2 Responses to “Observing Human Attitude: Simple things that we miss”

  1. Interesting new post. Even better than your previous ones IMHO 😉

    • 2 Diabolic Preacher

      Thanks so much for your comment. What IYHO are the good points in this post? 😀

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