Reactions to Mininova policy and other tidbits

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Another week passing by as i try hard to catch hold of interesting thoughts and memories to put down on blog, but nothing seems worth noting or sharing with the general public. Times have been interesting, exciting, educating, depressing, but old times go and new times come.

  • Trying to keep this post as non-tech as possible. but nothing so non-tech happening in life. Stuck for 8 hrs in front of a comp. there is only headlines from the non-tech world i can recite from my RSS and twitter streams.

Twitter‘s a fun thing. Everyone’s on twitter. Best way to spread the word, get the word. Only place where you do interact with just about anyone from “who the fuck” to the “who’s who”

  • Currently, my choice of twitter client is PeopleBrowsr. It is heavy on computer resources if your machine is not from the last 1-2 yrs atleast, i’d say. Atom processors are weak. Lighter alternative would be twitiq, but once you use PB, there’ll be too many things you’ll be missing on other web based twitter clients.

That’s still getting tech… damn. Watched ‘Orphan’ (movie). Sinister. Stupendous. See

  • Orphan’s story is best untold beyond the tagline “There’s something wrong about Esther”. Esther’s the orphan in the movie.
  • Have been saving up not going for a haircut for a long time. Probably 3 months n lil more. what an useless fact. nothing useful happening outside work. not even getting my degree.
  • watched golden compass (2007). good movie. good effects. I remember applying for the company that contributed to the special effects. I’d already got employment where I currently am working.
  • See. i am trying to be non-tech, probably i am, but all that’s happened i remember more of what happened in the virtual world..on the internet on the computer…than in the real world outside.

Does a techie knows what it feels like to be a non-techie, to give another techie even the slightest of chance to treat him/her as inferior. “oh you didn’t know Xphone had a 0.0001 firmware update? it now lets you browse the data you store on it from a computer”. Is it why its hard to relax the eagerness to know all in tech world and tech a take rest…take a tech rest.
I need a break. need to meet lots more people that i’ve been waiting to meet. My break’s coming soon. Hoping it doesn’t break things down. 😛

Mininova interview in their office
Image by richard.pyrker via Flickr

I am really glad for what mininova‘s done. Its been one of my favorite and best performing trackers after paid ones or invite-only ones like demonoid. Right now, what its done has put off the majority of assholes who bid goodbye on the comment thread without as much as understanding that when a powerful content distribution platform itself makes a gesture of exclusive support to all independent content creators: authors, songwriters, musicians, filmmakers and so on, its a resounding statement that says loudly “the platform is never guilty but so aren’t all the content on it available illegally”. More than the platform, I wonder if the patrons who dominated the charts ranked by seeds would support the move. The collection what you see now has been slowly growing over time as mininova has had “Content Distribution Service” for quite some time now. Now when you can’t find your aXXo rips, the collection of legally available for download content has surfaced. Probably in future if there is a payment model that can be tied to the bittorent protocol, that not only asks you to pay for a torrent link, but also checks that you’ve not taken the link from another person illegally and tried downloading the content. it’d make the protocol damn slow and sometimes the owner when stuck with horrible internet and multiple retries will end up with a purchase that he has been found illegally obtaining…after making full payment. That’s where legally available content would flourish. Think about it, these independent content creators, who wants the world to see their work to get some recognition, do need to get recognized to try their luck in getting commercial success. What platform will they choose then to sell their work? I checked out a couple of open licensed movies from Let’s see I’ll put up reviews if time and mood permits and help promote them, if I feel they deserve.


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