4 movies in a week – II


This is the concluding part of 4 movies in a week. I reviewed Twilight and Taken last time and am going to cover Punisher and One Missed Call in this post. Hope you enjoy the reviews. 🙂 Click here for the previous part.

Punisher:War Zone

“Splitting heads open and spraying around brains is fun”

What’s all the fuss about?

Its a Marvel Comics movie, that for the first time, that I have seen, is about a character in the lead who’s not exactly a superhero (no superpowers, no hero-like nobleness) and is full of gore and vulgar language. Dunno if the latter is a movie-only feature, or something the people reading Punisher comics have learnt since years past. Punisher is a bitter man, with special arms training (or summat like that) and a dead family, who delivers brutal death to all the crime families. Punisher screws up in more than one ways. Kills a FBI officer, leaves that officer’s family to be protected by an inexperienced bad-turned-good guy and lets his best friend die to save a kid. Also this is where one man takes on all kinds of bad guys and though not a superhero, still has unbelievable powers of jumping across buildings and breaking into boarded windows.

So What?!

Punisher is portrayed as a kind of feared nemesis who kills criminals in horrific ways and is loved by children. He doesn’t give a shit about keeping double identity. Villains call him Frank Castle mostly. Ray Stevenson (Punisher) in some shots looks almost like Till Lindemann (Rammstein). The fight against the army of all criminals (which was pretty much one-way, Punisher way) and Loony Bin Jim and the eliminating of the group that did acrobatic stunts n stuff, those were worth watching.

You think I’d believe you liked it??

This is the first Punisher movie that I’d seen and as a Marvel Comics character, either Punisher aka Frank Castle is average or his enemies are below average. He got big guns and good aim. Enemies have neither and FBI officers are no match. His skull logo on his armor jacket is dusty…No shine. He takes bullets from quite close range and still walks hale and hearty the next day. He ain’t a superhero but I guess Marvel Comics probably isn’t used to that. He cracks open his jaw and can listen shuffling sounds from behind closed doors…I could only hear a crack when I tried it (ouch). He got one of the main enemies easily…twice. He must be pissed. One of the Punisher friendly cops disappear after the first crime family killing.

I got the movie, you coming over?

Sure, the movie has a good pace. Although if you’re easily disgusted with splitting open heads, eyes, face and other forms of decapitations, you might wanna give this one a miss.

One missed call

“…but she always gave me candy”

One Missed Call (2008 film)
Image via Wikipedia

What’s all the fuss about?

Its another Japanese horror story based movie, which like previous others of its genre from Japan have this unique effectiveness of horror by keeping the evil spirit undefeated…and the fear lives on. Its story is very similar to Grudge; angry spirit of unfairly killed people. The difference here is the killing was sorta unfair, thanks to asthma, but the person who turns into evil spirit was kinda evil or demented before death itself. This is a Japanese story based movie, where except maybe the “i don’t believe in evil spirits” police officer (who even got lucky with that ignorance) there weren’t any other Japanese cast. Does that matter? Well, for one, they need less makeup or even change of actor (huh!) than characters in this movie.

So What?!

Consider this, “A ghost that can keep moving from one kill to the other via post-dated voicemail.” and just think of the awesomeness…or Japan’s insane love for cell phones beyond death. 😛 The movie is worth watching if you’re seeing it alone at night with no lights on and stuff. There are not many scary visuals except a few violent deaths. Each person dying gets a voicemail sent from the previous person whom the ghost killed which is sent at the time the previous person got killed and the voicemail is timed/dated when the person receiving the voicemail would be killed and wonders of Japanese wonders, removing the battery and sim card, doesn’t matter a bit, coz about cellular networks, evil spirits don’t give a shit. Some scenes are real cool, if you like horror genre that is. Every dead person coughs up a hard spherical red candy, when they’re killed by the spirit.

You think I’d believe you liked it??

Yes. Except some typical lame non-believers who get killed anyways (muhahahaha), the movie’s good to watch.

I got the movie, you coming over?

Why? You scared to watch it alone? Sure I’ll give you a surprise visit….heeheehee.

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  1. 1 rags

    I remember watching “One missed call”, a pretty good movie. Japanese horror flicks have a style of their own. Very original.

    The ring tone that plays in the movie was a big hit in Japan during the time when movie was released. Hmm…download link for the ring tone? 😀

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