4 movies in a week – I


First off no matter how much I try I am not really that good at writing all-round reviews, so basically though I try to be neutral, I often miss a perspective and the article looks opinionated. Having written aloud that disclaimer let me start on with a blog post that I forgot to write last weekend, the week before which, I saw 4 movies…often almost half asleep.
The movies I am covering here are mostly of 2008. Verify with imdb. ‘Twilight‘, ‘Taken‘, ‘Punisher’ and ‘One Missed Call‘ are the ones I’m going to briefly (hopefully) cover here in 2 parts.


“Vampires can be boring too…”

What’s all the fuss about?

Its a movie about vampires, some human loving and some human blood loving. Humans are like sidekicks.

So What?!

Ah well, there are some supernatural displays of heroism by the vampire. Actually it helps when the vampires move fast and fast forward this slow-motion movie. There is one (atleast) showdown between good and evil vampire (if you’d believe that) and some romantic relation between a human girl and vampire guy, which doesn’t get screwed up by another mean vampire lady trying to get her way into being this vampire guy’s love.

You think I’d believe you liked it??

Well, depending on my own interests, I really am not into love story that is just so utopian. Typical hindi film style love. That’s the guy who’s the hero, and that’s the girl who’s the heroine…they are hardwired to link up, so don’t waste time. The vampires’ showdown was really short. Not much casualty and bad guy is easily defeated and burned. With its idea of human-vampire relation, it could have gone deeper into the subject or portrayed more sides to it. Almost every one is in harmony with everyone else. Bleh!

I got the movie, you coming over?

No way. Pass it on to someone who hasn’t read this. 😛


“Flashbacks helps actors have videographic memories”

What’s all the fuss about?

Its a movie about a retired armed forced ex-husband, kickin butt and smashing heads and firing bullets and all that stuff, trying to get back his daughter safe, after risking losing her to the kidnappers who planned to sell her off…in 96 hours.

So What?!

The worth-watching part of the movie are the action scenes, where one man takes on the entire organized crime ring of Albanians in France. But that’s not the only ridiculous aspect of the plot. To lead the man into that ridiculous situation, is the ridiculously stupid ex-wife and her new rich husband and a daughter, who just treats her real dad like trash…until he saves her…and then leaves him again.

You think I’d believe you liked it??

That didn’t work too well, did it? Besides the very very predictable storyline, the barely-more-than-5-seconds fights and an old-guy-almost-dead acting as big boss, the main ongoing theme was of Albanian terrorists taking away unsuspecting girls and forcing them into flesh trade, drugs, auctions, etc. Kinda depressing theme at times if you ask me. I mean it’d be ok to just watch the fights and drop the script altogether…and keep the women out of it. Also French police are shown as pretty dumb.

I got the movie, you coming over?

Nah. You could check it out if you really wanna spend time watching a whole movie just for the action scenes.

Will be back with the next post about Punisher and One Missed Call. Send in your feedback till then.

3 Responses to “4 movies in a week – I”

  1. 1 rags

    Hey nice to see something non-techi and different for a change…:)

    I’ve seen Twilight and I agree with you. it’s basically a movie for teenage girls going ga-ga over the lead actor. IMO the movie ( and the sequels) don’t/should not appeal to any sane guy out there. But then I suppose it will be enjoyed by female audiences…meh

    Taken sounds interesting, an all macho movie you say. Might take a look at that.

    Interestingly, it seems that these movies are at opposite ends of each other. haha

    • 2 Diabolic Preacher

      Well, I just reviewed them in the order i saw them and somehow the ones i don’t wanna see again fell in one part and the ones i wanna see fell in other part. glad you liked my review.

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