Friendship Day Expressions from my Friends

A smiley by Pumbaa, drawn using a text editor.
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The nicey-nice ones

Friendship is a priceless gift
that can’t be bought or sold
But to have an understanding…
Friend is far more worth than gold.
Happy Friendship Day 🙂

Because of friends like you, I’ve laughed a little harder
Cried a little less,
Smiled a lot for no special reason,
Because of you, my world is a much happier place 🙂
Happy Friendship Day! tc

Good friends care for each other
Close friends understand each other
And true friends stay forever
Beyond words
Beyond time – Happy Friendship Day

A single candle can illuminate entire room
A true friend lights up an entire lifetime
Thanks for the bright lights of your friendship
Happy Friendship Day.

A friend is a push when you have stopped
A chat when you are lonely
A guide when you are searching
A smile when you are sad
A song when you are glad
Happy Friendship Day 🙂

A friend is someone who knows
The song in your heart
And can sing it back you
When you have forgotten the words
Happy Friendship Day 🙂

Unconventionally interesting ones

Life is kamini and we all are kaminaaz
When we find someone whose kaminiyat
Is compatible with ours,
We fall into mutual kaminipanti
And call it friendship
Happy Friendship Day

We call that man who has lost his father – an orphan
That man who has lost his wife – a widower
But what do we call the man who has lost his best friend?
Here all languages fall silent.
Take good care of your friends 🙂

Thanks to everyone who’s wished me back (and forth) on Friendship Day. Before I wrap up, check out what I sent to these people, who wished me back with the wonderful messages you read above:

Why we need a day
When we got a year
One day to remind
Who all are near and dear
Friendships forge without words
To go on without expressing
What could be worse?
Its cool if you wish me in January
And I wish you in September
But why make it so difficult to remember?
One day to celebrate
When echoes of happiness reverberate
Happy Friendship Day 🙂

—- Diabolic Preacher

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  1. 1 omegle turkiye

    Thanks so much for this! This is exactly what I was looking for

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