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This is the concluding part of 4 movies in a week. I reviewed Twilight and Taken last time and am going to cover Punisher and One Missed Call in this post. Hope you enjoy the reviews. 🙂 Click here for the previous part. Punisher:War Zone “Splitting heads open and spraying around brains is fun” Cover […]

First off no matter how much I try I am not really that good at writing all-round reviews, so basically though I try to be neutral, I often miss a perspective and the article looks opinionated. Having written aloud that disclaimer let me start on with a blog post that I forgot to write last […]

Image via Wikipedia The nicey-nice ones Friendship is a priceless gift that can’t be bought or sold But to have an understanding… Friend is far more worth than gold. Happy Friendship Day 🙂 Because of friends like you, I’ve laughed a little harder Cried a little less, Smiled a lot for no special reason, Because […]

This is hard to write. Not sure if much will come out of it, but let me try. This is about my reflections on, how the way you obtain and use software, change as you finish education, move out of home and spend your 8-10 hrs in a workplace. There’s also the educational institute in […]