Twitter’s Review


My Twitter review on RateItAll with a rating of 4 stars.

I’ve been on twitter since its early days and have seen how the way its used have evolved over time. The worst way twitter demeans itself is by the tagline “What are you doing?” It is as detrimental to the site’s image as saying blogs are just for venting out and whining about teenage life woes. but reality is despite how well you might paint an image of twitter or blogs, the undesirable does rear its head into prominence.
I have always missed the twitter IM bot, no other solution felt as easy as that one and yes I really need it back.
Absence of IM-bot possibly is one of the reasons for a large number of twitter clients with all the major ones being developed on Adobe AIR.

People outside twitter see all the unimportant tweets that come up at far larger frequencies than some worthwhile news piece. The only way users can keep the important and useful tweets current is to retweet or copy and post them again.

Twitter is a source that can update from a variety of interfaces as well as distribute to a variety of interfaces.
For me it’s the place you tell the world what you think they’d feel worth knowing and when. When you do keep that in mind, you add value to the system with your timely informative updates. think citizen journalism for examples.

I used to remember livejournal being called the blog host that catered to whining teenagers for example, but thats not entirely true…there are some bloggers there with worthwhile information on there too…and ads….well, nevermind.
Somehow I feel celebrities should have their own twitter system…their popularity might make fail-whale jealous.

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