Dearest Cause, Smile for the Camera


This is another quick blog post published for the publishees’ (sheesh!) interest. The way it goes is like I found out about this group on facebook called Cameras for a Cause, which was co-founded by my friend in the FLOSS community, Frederick Noronha (fred to me) 🙂 So out of the blue, I just started asking a few questions out of curiosity about the project and as the answers seemed to reveal so much about the project and its direction, I thought of asking a few more proper questions and sharing the answers with you all reading this article.

The conversation begins…in Google Talk: –

hello fred how are you?

Hey maan… I’m fine here.

good to hear that
what is cameras for a cause? how did you come across it?

What news yaar?
I founded it 🙂

so is it only for SLR-ians
so what’s the one line tag for the cameras for a cause?

No, for anyone who can make optimum use of a camera!

i see…but what causes are you focussing on?

It’s a decentralised project. Any volunteer is free to define what a “good cause” is.

i see
is decentralised like “i am not the only one to take blame…anyone and everyone equally is”

True 🙂

so how many more besides you form the core group with substantial inputs?

There are over 200 people in the group. But to get specific contributions is taking time….
Will happen, I guess….
But you know how volunteering is….
It falls disproportionately on disproportionate shoulders 🙂

are people unclear about something? what information might help people judge how they fit in, better?

Can’t really wait for everyone to start… someone must take the lead
Hmm… you might have a point

so let’s say…
you might be volunteering a lot…
am i right?
atleast in a ‘founder’ sorta way
or are there others who click n upload more than you?

Not yet…
There’s no need to upload

well either upload or link to…right?

Just take up ventures at the local level…
But I did find one guy in Mumbai

Who’s far deeper into it, and has some very interesting ideas himself
Why don’t you join and do something?

i’ll tell you as an outsider what i feel seems like unclear. It
might be biased and unfair…but you be the judge
lets say….


there maybe more people wanting to volunteer for cameras for a cause, but given that the majority of contributions come from a single person’s perspective, they are misguided by the prominence of the focus…how do you plan to beat that?

You have a point.

you may not have anything fool proof

I need some others who will join in now
Like YOU!

gimme a cause…n i’ll save up for a camera in a few months…

Something close to you
Something you feel passionate about
In Ponda or wherever
What about a local library?
Or animal rescue centre?

like document those?
you will make me forget my computers
like right now i’m out of ideas/causes…sometimes we’re blind…and its nothing that we can help about. i know what you can do for newcomers
tell them how to discover their passions, ppl would just look at you as someone who’s been walkin the earth for so many years, he is just got wiser so he knows his passions…
but try to bust that myth
try to show, that even for us, fixing our life focus on our passion has long term benefits
just as your group welcome note
or anything else that fits in with the group format
you are the journalist, should be buzzing with words to get the right effect, don’t you?

Words are what I do for a living….
But pictures I find really relaxing

you got a pro account (flickr pro)
you should gift a pro account for some valuable contributions…like really kickass stuff…you’ll get more people like the mumbai guy…they’ll have a reason to do more for the group…
ok let’s take another aspect…my contributions
my town is boring and i got a lousy camera, what would you say i can do to make the best of what i have?

What camera do you have?
You’ll be amazed as to how good pics you can get if you use the right technique! (please ask fred to demonstrate the right technique when you meet him…with a camera handy)

cell phone… (2MP camera)

Even with a four-five megapixel camera

i know…
ok thats for another day
now here’s something i need to know
or for that matter anyone coming across CFAC need to know
your title misleads into thinking that the group is focussed on ‘a’ single cause, no one’s that particular with differentiating between ‘the’ and ‘a’, so think of a re-titling
secondly you could make it easy for newcomers in the 2 C ways


first the C for Camera
do tell something encouraging about the minimum camera stuff that one needs like you told me

What’s the other C for?

second is the cause,
in order to make it more open, i know you won’t want to take examples, except that your contributions do speak for you
so do just name more examples…you may not speak of geo-specific issues; its not possible

Okay, interesting inputs!

but think of issues that you cover as a journalist, but you believe others can cover unofficially
think beyond goa level
that’s how more people outside goa will take heed

I think it’s applicable to anyone, regardless of geographies…
Would you like to play a more active part in this project? You have some great ideas

make participating in your group as easy as sending email or even posting a tweet…i mean “share wherever and whenever you feel like”
so one more thing to get this intro to CFAC interview wrapped up
when was it founded and who were the founders?

It started sometime earlier this year…
Got support from a range of people, which was nice…

i see…well it was nice to learn about this project and i hope to promote your group in my own small way through my blog. good luck to all the group members. 🙂
i sound so crappy… 😛

Thanks for all your good wishes!


The conversation concludes…in Google Talk

p.s. Btw, there’s a two-weekend photography training sometime in mid-April at Mapusa by Britto’s Community College.

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