watched cactus live n close


just a small update from my cell about being to a live concert of one of the most well known bangla bands called cactus (, which was part of some annual fest of Bidhannagar college.
Cactus turns out to be one of the few indian bands that i really like for more reasons than one.
They were punctual. They sounded as original and clear as their album version but that is not to mislead you to think that there were no variations in instrument playing.
As per the band, its their 3rd year in the college n the grand arrangements n fireworks are a definite proof of that.
I couldn’t stay for the whole performance but the experience that far was still awefuckinsome, esp the way they would just blend 2 songs perfectly at the end n the start. Gapless playback live!
Unconventional to rock music concerts, there was proper seating arrangement and being on the first row seat, the line i liked best from the frontman siddharth was “Jara shob boshe aachho..GHOOM PACHCHHE NAKI!!” 😀

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