Since I got my new job…


The Beginning…

It took too long again to get back to writing and such a lot of important updates never got published out here…yeah well certainly not as critical as the 62hours of mumbai terror, the starting outbreak of which I watched on breaking news on the only day when I was with my classmate damodar at his apartment, although i was staying with brajesh, hanu and chris behind ‘sicilia’ :p

Here’s thanking each and everyone of you mentioned above for letting me stay with you and despite me arriving during weekdays, I feel we’d got time to converse and know about your work stuff and places to visit. Mine was to start in the coming week. The cakes and pastries were delicious.

To Pune & back in 4 days

Re: Pune, did think of writing about the city with all urban attractions but not the attitude to fit it all. No comparisons to be done here. There’s certainly lots of places to hang out in, but it’s the place where you’d go to KFC and still feel like sitting in a punjabi dhaba…sorta. The food’s good, its the attitood…that eej dee poblem. This post isn’t going to be about Pune, where I visited last week of November, when I was finally confirmed at my new workplace and had one week before joining work. There was something unique about vacationing in Pune rather than to look for openings or going to study, something that I often don’t hear from friends and peers visiting the city. Rested in Pune.

RITSnet, my workplace

Ah, now that blog post idea is somehow outta the system, wonder what else’s still left to tell. hmmm….RITSnet
Yeh, that’s the new place that I’m putting on my work attitude for. Right now, there is work, quite enough for the 3 of us employees (who’ve joined since the 1st week of dec. 2008) that we are doing all our work on a single machine. Have you heard of PC Buddy? If you need support, especially how many things are not possible with it, just ask here, given that you do find this rare piece of hardware.

  1. You got Windows XP SP2? it works
  2. You upgraded to SP3? It fails
  3. You plan to upgrade the firmware? The searchable web has no known answers and the PDF manual strictly warns that your computer will be DESTROYED! with the exact tone of grave seriousness.
  4. You want to add more remote clients to the XP machine…yeah yeah, it needs to be patched…with a supposedly unreleased version of termsrv.dll. Result: PC Buddy fails again
  5. You installed NCT-XP-2000 the frontend to Windows Terminal Services, that was provided on the CD? it works
  6. You get fed up of the error message from NCT that complains of some problematic windows system files related to terminal services and feel that you could just let PC Buddy talk to Windows Terminal Services? bad idea. FAIL
  7. Want to “Run Update” on the NCT error dialog to get rid of the error? 2 things might stop you. Registration to hell knows where. Then there’s the DESTROYED! that keeps buzzing in your head

PC Buddy…yep the aforementioned one….same model

PC Buddy’s a thin client device…make it “an alien thin client device” that initially helped hook up an additional screen and input devices so that rags and me who joined from the 1st day of the office could work on the one single machine. Later a machine came for randall for about um…maybe 3-4 hours and then a hardcore sales person took it away. that was ‘express uninstallation and backup and reset” day. Then after a PI 166mhz with 64mb RAM machine found its way into the office. Ended up as thin client with no CD-ROM or USB access and not much software support on the Windows98 machine except luckily for an official version of the Remote Desktop Connection client, that helps the machine ‘pretend’ to run Vista, Server 2003, Solaris 10, Windows XP, one above the other, without giving up. So basically we still have like one fat and one thin client with or without the PC Buddy. Where the HCL do you get these weird devices from?

Training and Ticketing

Right now we’re being trained about a client’s network infrastructure and given some support request tickets to work on. There are many open source implementations of ticketing systems that I was checking out. You could try out a demo of a ticketing system at OTRS. Basically if you have ever nagged customer care about some (usually) technical problem and the whole thread of correspondence usually has a numerical or alphanumerical ticket ID. What we’re into is getting the problems solved by wiki or by google but eventually the center would also serve as testbed of different OSes and network and server setups to emulate more complex problems and get down to solving them.

Heads Up…This one’s for you 🙂

One cool thing is the time we’re getting now to look up all sorts of available tools for all sorts of system management and thanks to LH, coming across really awesome freeware and free software is so much more easier. iPhone is an irritation in my RSS feeds. huh what?
Out of my finds, I wanted to share a tool called iyf-x or Index Your Files – X! in full. I mean what’s X? its not any latest version that’s like just 1-2 months old. but it just kicks ass in terms of sheer performance. there’s barely a space/time tradeoff. I probably must’ve come across other useful tools, but as of the moment, this was like the main thing on my head and I hope I do write a post about how to use the thing. Its never gonna get outdated.
I think this is probably growing too long, and I did think of meaningful sectioning into smaller articles, but they’d mostly be like untitled blurbs. So I am putting sub-headings to mark out sections.


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