DP’s Journal…the blog that was


Well, to those coming here first time, all my existing work so far can be found on my livejournal blog. I mean that’s like almost 2 or maybe 3 years of content that are gonna remain with the ads of the bullying nature that just pushover my stuff.

For people coming over from my LJ blog, if you have me on my blogroll I would suggest that maybe you could change the link to this new address after a few posts, coz the old blog isn’t going anywhere so your users won’t reach a dead end. I’ll put up the link to this blog in the topmost post-dated entry in LJ so visitors can easily find this blog link. Same goes out for all the other people who have my blog link via email or on their comment pages.

This is not a re-approach to the blog content theme. This probably was needed a long time ago until the ads on basic version blogs became unbearable.

6 Responses to “DP’s Journal…the blog that was”

  1. Good move, any specific reason other than the annoying AD’s which b0rked your LJ template 😛

    This move deserves much more than this post, something like why WP, why not blogger, annoyances of LJ, blah blah …

  2. 2 dpreacher

    to be honest. hardly any reason that i could really show that i spent hell lot of time to compare blogging service providers which are free, the plugins/features they provided, the desktop clients that supported them and make detailed comparison charts and all. in short, i had tried blog-city.com, blogger.com before it was part of google, also had tried blogger beta, and didn’t want to bother about the other “FREE” options. nothing was as well known. most good blogs had been ‘powered by wordpress’ and there were good blogspot blogs too, but often quite widget or image heavy…i mean it probably goes well together. i probably could have got a similar blog up at blogger, but something about it just disinterests me. forgot particular reasons.
    I had considered trying out wordpress long back. i had got some hosting space and a domain name, remember the one i tried doing about the food blog. that had a wordpress install in its cpanel. that was like long ago, but i never ever thought of like wanting any extra features like no widgets n all to drive readers to 100 different sites or rather load info from 100 different sites that they probably may want or may not want. i mean there is friendfeed to check out what ‘all’ i’m trackin n posting about all over the interwebs.
    there is no real answer to beautify and put into a separate post. i just had never felt like need for any extra features than what LJ was providing. i wasn’t using even all available 6 userpics allowed for basic user of LJ. only 3. minimalist…no not kanjoos 😛

  3. One thing which is common with the old LJ blog & this new blog is the irritating comments moderation :|, captcha please.

    does WP allow adding plugins for xxx.wordpress.com domains? if Yes, go ahead & add the comments followup plugin, very helpful for tracking comments.

  4. 4 dpreacher

    i kinda liked the comment moderation and I was looking at ways to make it moderated always…nah just joking. 😛 I think the default is moderate first time. Its not so bad since I know you drop in at my journal regularly.

    I am checking out generally wordpress blogs around and seeing what’s usual. I might put the links count moderation. rest all can get approved.

  5. 5 Diabolic Preacher

    about that comment tracking. is it what I see on some blogs as Comments RSS? its possible here, but this theme did not carry that link by that default per post. So I’m not sure, I’ll probably need to change the template which I’m not interested in. if there’s a generic url pattern for the comments, i might be able to add that…if i knew that is.

  6. 6 Diabolic Preacher

    just look at the “feed for this entry” link where the comment section starts in the post’s own page. i didn’t see options to add plugins. like if you want to be notified by email or something. and one more thing, does this thing have threaded comments?

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