fuck context. I have been back in my own home (the one with my folks and not the one that I ‘own’) for the longest vacation of 2 months (by coming Friday) which of course is like less than a weekend off when compared to how many decades I stayed with my folks (If not the tech of other Asians, at least we got the culture of living with parents). I did a major lot of sleeping…at all the wrong hours possible. My brain used to sleep at night and I used to sleep in the day. It was quite a routine.And for the days I was more functional than a home food hogger, I drove myself out to be outside food hogger (and parceller…more on that hopefully soon).

Now obviously neither is this a travelogue/travel blog/trlog etc., nor am I gonna be interested in sparing my site for that. There’s not much to the ordering and eating part as maybe the things that have happened around it. So in the initial days, even like up to the first month, I wasn’t even planning on ending the vacation (have you seen the taxes for earning more in India?). I was like, “will try to get up tomorrow early enough to check out another place for lunch.” Lunch usually coz driving the car for dinner was damn scary with rain and mud mucking up the little visibility that I got. Though I did make exceptions. Never reservations though. Was surprise visitor….was “surprised visitor” also once.

One major part of the experience was the drive or rather “reaching commercially developed civilization”, which is a minimum of 30kms and went up to almost 50kms. Anything closer was a compromise that I agreed for fair coverage. Now given the rains and thankfully the initial days of using the relatively good 4G data on the phone, I had been playing songs streamed off the net while also following directions from Google Maps and GPS. That’s a whole lot of data and decent bandwidth on a handheld device that I wasn’t getting on my older device. Now I took to Google Maps simply to try out a different tool now that I can clearly see that the data speeds are good and stable. Also here’s a gist of my experience of OSMAnd+ the paid version of OSMAnd which allowed storing as many maps and updates that I needed:
“Your GPS signal is lost” // would never mention when it got restored
“The distance to your destination is X km”…………………………….”You have reached your destination” (I don’t even get any recognition for my achievement).
There are things that are ridiculous about Google Maps besides the good part about being more accurate, actually knowing landmarks by name and having a minimal set of reviews, photos, etc.
In the last few outings, now with the fiber optic connection at home, it has been much easy to simply cache the songs I love the most and listen to the most. I mean those are anyways the tracks that would be any time an awesome listen, even when poor data connectivity tries to ruin my day and me be like, “Fortune, Fame, Mirror, Vain, Gone insane, but The Memory…” (no, it’s not buffering!)

So this bit about parcelling, maybe it might sound like spluging a little extra and some days, it indeed was, but I was placing order for an extra set of dishes, sometimes from among the dishes I tried and absolutely liked and/or sometimes, from other parts of the menu. The reason is very simple, besides extending my palate’s experience for a second (or even third meal, if rationed properly). These places that I went to, especially the very famous or very special ones, by nature of location of my folks’ residence are quite a long long distance away and it is indeed difficult for them to get up and get ready to sit and go that far to take the risk of enjoying a meal at a place none of us have tried before but only heard great reviews about it. Happens when you are residents of a touristy place. That and some just don’t like being outside for food, not being given food at fixed time and in general let their grumpiness at above situations mar the whole experience. So the food comes home, people peacefully enjoy it at their own pace and environment and it is a much better alternative to thinking that I could enjoy an outing experience with them.

Most places given that I was visiting on weekdays made it easy to get the absolute best seats (sea facing, AC facing, TV facing with TV channel of my choice, you name it, I face it…not the toilet though) with enough space around me for my ever expanding frame to not feel crowded. What else? Let’s not drag this down to its grave.


and i am pissed but i am helpless like so many others. many who have accepted their fate and many who have changed their mindset to join the oppressors.

ok enough of the news that is. i just got pissed off currently by how i3 being all spartan and all can be such a fucking pain in the ass to get bluetooth working. i have installed this on a peppermint install. peppermint comes with a lightweight xfwm which is like xfce but kinda stripped down to just the wm and i think a panel from lxde or something. the default desktop is obviously fabulous except that i am not used to as much dependency on the mouse movement. I’d love to go back to it if I could find where they hide the settings for changing the keyboard shortcuts for switching workspaces. When I’m strafing and shooting in a game, I press Ctrl and Alt together quite often and often I see I have switched to an other desktop while I get my ass beaten in the game.
Always a good thing to at least have xfce alongside of i3 because it’s got these bunch of neat little tools that help add some necessary features to i3. you have xfce-power-manager which helps show notifications for when battery is full or going low. It also puts your computer to sleep or hibernate/shutdown when it reaches real low battery level. You just use i3 and if you don’t use a power manager while running your laptop on battery, it won’t even tell you and fucking drop dead (tired). The other xfce app that is really a saviour when the dmenu is useless unless you are knowledgeable enough as to what the commandline word is for the program you want to launch. That and when you really don’t want to discover what else your distro comes with. In contrast xfce has this thing called xfce4-appfinder. i barely remember to type in ‘finde’ in dmenu to get it). if you use peppermint, you will be aware of a concept called SSB (Site Specific Browser) which they use something called ICE to create. Now on dmenu, there is just no way to launch these apps that on other DEs get neatly sorted into menus and all. So xfce4-appfinder helps me launch these single window web applications. I don’t even have volumeicon because xfwm4 comes with its own panel applet and didn’t bother on a lightweight distro like peppermint for lighter window managers.
come to think of it i have already forgotten what a fuck load of bs steps i had to do to get the jbl speakers paired and connected. i learnt about bluetoothctl…because obviously i3 users need to get into the terminal and console apps more because it is unimaginable that they would want to save all that precious system resources by using a lightweight wm to launch GUI apps. I could see the behind the scenes events that happened as I interacted with blueman-manager. It discovered the device, paired as well but couldn’t connect. I mean what’s the fucking problem? What does bluetoothctl show? Connected: Yes and a second later Connected: No. Why the fuck? I had to get moving between the laptop and the speaker, trying to switch off/on the speaker, trying to start/restart the device discovery and crossing my fingers at the same time. On xfce/xfwm..? The device is ready to go right as it turns on. Aggressive to a fault. Fault that, if the computer is sleeping it will wake up just to make sure the device is paired and connected with the laptop. Even Windows isn’t that wild. despite marking the device as trusted. i had to remove it from blueman-manager and start from scratch.

also why can’t pavucontrol can’t preserve the volume level for app specific volume control if I set it above what it was initialized to? (usually 100%). So if I set it to 115% and then maybe pause, or advance or rewind the video a bit, the volume gets back to 100% (or whatever it was earlier) and then suddenly it is jarring to feel the drop in the volume.


Observation: 6 years or a bit more before last year, since I moved to a different city for my job, my only place to socialize was at my workplace. Not informally but at least colleagues have always been the only people I knew or got acquainted with on a regular basis. No other people did I make an effort to build a habit of hanging out with regularly at all. I’ve always preferred staying alone but just ended up in residences with no neighbors who bother at all.

Then last year, I get my own apartment in the most crappiest complex but an impressive façade (they sold it to me right?), which I believe is the at the core of the unity that is the society collective of each and every neighbor and owner who share the struggle of getting the place fixed for one and all of us. There are so many faces and names I know and recognize and who know me (often with hints of notoriety), way more than could have been possible at a workplace maybe (unless I was hr). Despite taking a break from career (too lazy to admit that I still need to set up my own house) since Jan 25, In pleasantly surprised that not only have I not been completely cut off from all human interaction because I don’t go to work, but that I guess people are in general very understanding and still welcoming in their attitude towards me trying to not rush into the next job. I almost thought like I lost a race there, but then I recalled I’ve stepped off the race track long back when I didn’t get into engineering college.

I know staying cooped up does make the mind go cuckoo so I do make it a point to get some fresh air and fresher perspectives.


Take the bitterness out of me

Sniffle Sniffle


Nose blocked, mind blocked. So hard to think of anything else but bhonsh bhonsh.

Comes as a random rare sniffle you draw in a few times and then it becomes as consistent as the bug that just won’t reproduce when you want it to but every time else.

Spent most of the day catching up on a TV show on Prime called, “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” (because Jack should know to whom his ass belongs). Really cool show and a season that’s complete without any “let’s make them wait for next year or beyond for season 2”. I’m sure the producers or the investors were damn happy with this show.

The net speed was horrible and I had to watch videos pixelated like they were being censored. Strange, given that I still have enough balance before I hit the data cap. Really am embarrassment to watch smudges of colors moving around on a large TV screen.

I’m addicted to the new range of Caramel popcorn by ACT II. The nutty one is slightly better. Given that I have decided to skip going to the theatres, this is a great snack for my TV shows and movie binging.

More to come soon. Getting rid of this cold to come sooner. I hope.


Tujhe Kya


It’s been an indoors day. Was too sleepy to really get anything done and things weren’t looking like they would get done. Missed meetings with the property developer. I mean no worse example of deadline stretch than these builders. Can’t get things done right and completed even after 6 years since its inception. Maybe a year or two could be excused for external factors. Anyways, I selfishly skipped the meeting focusing on issues not biting my ass. In turn, I didn’t get my own work done. Although catching up on a few movies and making my own gravy for dinner was kinda the happy ending to the day.

I started reading a book “Art of saying No”. So very much needed (preferably much before than today) and though I haven’t picked up the grace and tact of saying No. I’m relieved that at my current state of employment, I have found it much easier to find my own voice and decline requests when I need to. Fuck, No!

Did I say it’s cold? Cooking is the only wonderful way to keep warm on the outside and then from the inside. Yumyum.

Why the fuck am I writing everyday?

Tujhe kya!

Don’t ruin this. Please don’t ruin this. Don’t fucking ruin this.

Vague warning bells that often ring in my head when I’m trying to be myself but slipping into being too much into myself. I can’t even remember what triggered that anxiety but I knew I wanted to start with that expression and see where it heads back to

So I haven’t made like one shot big purchases apart from my laptop and phone (which wasn’t/isn’t even that flagship) in any other department especially for the home I’m settling into. Having my first own bed definitely breaks that record very comfortably (so totally pun intended). Pun intended, because hitting two birds with one stone is the Indian BOGO mentality. Proud to be conservative where it benefits me

Did I tell about my new cycling habit. It’s just enough to show enough relevant people that I’m into the habit but it’s too little that once those people realize the distance I commute daily they suggest that I walk the distance instead. Don’t take offence but all those of you who can’t get early enough to catch the company bus or cab would relate to what a boon it is to have your two wheeler. Well as things stand now, I’m not sure where I’ll be working two months from now.

But on the more cool side, this is my Trek 4300 mountain bike (never rode it on the mountain but I’m really scared of losing balance on those thin street/road bikes) from way back when in Goa. I think the high price invested in it has really proved itself as being a machine that I literally ignored for years despite being used moderately back at home. Only after moving to my new place which is a slightly longer walk to work but much nearer to a proper cycle repair shop (coincidence #win), did I get back on the saddle (and laga di bum ki vaat!) and have been enjoying the rides, however short, so very much.

JBL Charge 3 being so awesome playing my choice of music from my phone from a corner of the room. Love its sound.